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  • 0March 15, 2011twolightsabovethesea:
    Written by Sarah Evans, George Mason University The following account is that of a friend and coworker. I have decided to publicize this incident because it impacts me as a student and as a strong believer in social justice. I think it’s important to speak up on his behalf. Tuesday, March 8, 2011 was like any other weekday at George Mason University. One student’s quest for an empty study room was met after a long search in Fenwick Library. Little did he know picking
    Please read this.
    This is absolutely horrible. Read & reblog!
    Racist ass school. I hope the school, those officers, and especially that girl who started this bullshit get sued up the ass. Fire the officers and kick that girl out of the college.
  • 0March 12, 2011veganemelda:
    It’s a shame that he’s been gaining popularity with his book “Change of Heart: What Psychology Can Teach Us About Spreading Social Change.” He’s a great manipulator (no wonder, it’s his topic of choice) and one of his accusers is a friend of mine. He threatened to hurt her cats if she left him. He doesn’t care about animals, he cares about his own ego. Please, please, please spread the word and do NOT support him by attending events he’ll be at, buying his book, etc. PLEASE reblog.