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  • 0August 29, 2011snuggabear:
    I think we should all mass email Tumblr to stop being so childish and butthurt over Missing e’s features being better than theirs. They’re making themselves look like stupid children too proud to admit they’ve done wrong, and it’s really starting to get annoying. If someone could draft up a nicely presented, yet subtly superior email on behalf of the Tumblr community that loves Missing e, that would be great. Something like…
    Dear Tumblr, We just want our Dashboards to work, and since you’re not doing it right, we’ve had to go elsewhere. If you’re not going to fix all your broken crap, then at least stop being so butthurt that someone else is doing it for you. Why don’t you just stop being so proud and hire him already? He has clearly proven his worth. Sincerely,The Annoyed Tumblr Masses Who Love Missing e
    Or something like that.