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  • 0February 17, 2011michellehelen:
    this is exactly how I feel. I always see people sending each other things like “I love your blog! please check out mine and follow? xxx” and sometimes the person will respond with something like “sorry I don’t follow back” or “Okay I’ll check it out”, and I’m always like WHAT? whenever I see I have new followers I ALWAYS go and automatically check out their blogs and 98% of the time I’m happy to follow back. I only ever don’t if their blogs are full of vulgar sex scenes or gore, or something. People can be really rude and pretentious these days.
    On here I try to be courteous and follow back or at least take a peek at the blog of anyone who follows me. If I don’t follow back there is either something in your blog I don’t want popping up on screen if my child might see it or, in one case, the blog consisted of bickering/self-righteousness I just felt put me in a negative mood  whenever it showed up on my dash (which was all the time). On Twitter I don’t manage to keep up with followers so well but not for lack of trying – I have over 2,400 followers and that is just too many people to try to follow back! I’d never see tweets from people who post the things I want to see (links to articles, recipes, etc.) but I still feel a bit bad about it. If you are following me & I’m not following back feel free to drop me a message in my ask box and I’ll either follow or explain why I don’t.
    I think it’s wonderful that people take the time to look at followers blogs, but I don’t think anyone should feel obligated too. I don’t always check out the blogs of the people who follow me, and I don’t expect the people I follow to look at mine. I suppose it depends on how many followers you have already, the consistency of people adding you, etc, but either way, it shouldn’t be an obligation. Also I think it’s a bit rude to just ask someone to follow you – chances are they just want more followers. Sorry to be negative, but. Personally, I can love someone’s post, but 90% of the time I won’t follow them because they don’t have credit for the images.
    I completely agree. Plus most of the time, if not all, I don’t have the energy or time to look at all my followers’ blogs. But honestly I do try to whenever I’m curious about it. Whenever it crosses my mind and I feel that I have enough time to actually go through several pages of a bunch of people’s blogs then I do.  If I don’t, then I plan I doing it in the near future.
    My opinion: No one is obligated to follow anyone. I do take the time to check out the blogs of my followers, and if I don’t follow you back, it’s because your blog as a whole doesn’t interest me, or you have something on your blog that I find offensive and unnecessary. Also, my timeline/dashboard would be full of just anything and everything, instead of being focused on the things that interest me personally.  Having said that, just because I don’t follow back doesn’t mean I won’t take the time to look through the blog & like or reblog the few posts I find that I really do like & identify with. And perhaps I’ll reblog something that someone else sees & likes, which might result in them checking out the blog & following it. What I would say— aiming for followers is fine, but I kinda hate when people ask or whine about it. Instead, aim for followers as well as having your stuff reblogged a lot (as long as people keep the credit on it, which a lot don’t, and that annoys me as well).