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Squidoo Web Pages / Links

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, I create webpages on a site called Squidoo. All of the webpages I’ve created are listed below (except for my webpage about my Zazzle webstore [because there’s already a link here for that] and my “lensography”- a webpage listing all of my lenses/webpages on Squidoo, which I don’t need to link to if I’m listing all the webpages here). More webpages/links will be added in the future.


100 Things I’m Thankful For – My personal list of things I’m thankful for; not yet to 100, as I’m just getting started on this

Funky, Wild & Edgy Thank You Cards & Postcards – Webpage featuring several funky, wild, & edgy thank you cards & postcards (punk, animal print, 60s-style and so on)

Beach Posters and Prints – Webpage featuring dozens of beach posters from Amazon,; will soon add posters from, Zazzle, eBay, etc.

My Bucket List / Life Wish List – My personal bucket list; best way to get to know me better (aside from this blog); also a good way to help YOU get YOUR bucket list started

Red Hair and Redheads – Tips on how to find the right shade of red for you, how to dye your hair red, photos of famous redheaded celebs, and hair products for redheads

Audrey Kitching – internet celeb, model, blogger, former scene queen

Scene Kids, Scene Queens, Scene Style & Hairstyles – webpage about scene culture, where it started, the fashion, the hair, its most famous members, etc.

Alternative Hair Colors – Dye / Color & Other Products– includes tips on how to go about finding the color/look you want,  how to dye your hair that color & maintain it, hair products (wigs, dyes, extensions), photos of celebs with different colored hair, links, etc.

Funky Pink Hair – Dye / Color & Other Products – tips on how to find the right shade of pink for you, how to dye your hair pink, photos of celebs with pink hair, and hair products for pink hair

Kerli – web page about Estonian Pop Singer-Songwriter

Cherry Print Clothing, Accessories, Other Products & Pictures – Products featuring cherry-print patterns

Red Plaid / Tartan Fashion – Patterns, Products and Designs – Products featuring red plaid / tartan patterns

Red Plaid / Tartan Pants– Pants featuring red plaid / tartan patterns

Red Plaid / Tartan Skirts & Dresses – Skirts and dresses (both formal & casual) featuring red plaid / tartan patterns

Taylor Momsen – webpage about the Gossip Girl star and lead singer of The Pretty Reckless

Smoothie Recipes – Webpage featuring a variety of smoothie recipes, as well as blenders & glasses for smoothie drinks, smoothie recipe books and more

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