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Make YouTube Videos (Oh Wait, But I AM Going To) – My Announcement

January 14, 2013

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything since September 2012 here on WordPress. I’m going to try to be better about posting here in 2013. Of course, it would help if the “import blog posts” function worked here, as I’m still and have always been very active on Tumblr.

Anyway – from my Cherry Ambition Tumblr blog earlier today:

Make YouTube Videos - 2013

“Going to. This year. In a few weeks (if not a few days).

Yes, I’m serious. But I should explain how this came to be…

My grandparents visit us every year for Christmas. The day after Christmas (after I got all my awesome gifts), my grandfather asked me what I really would like to be doing to make money right now. And I told him— I want to start YouTubing. He did not know what that was at all, but my grandmother sort of did. So we were trying to somewhat explain how that works. He then asked how I would make that into a business thing, and asked for me to write down what the cost of everything I’d need would be. So I did. I also had a binder with all my ideas and plans for my Cherry Ambition brand, so I grabbed that binder from my room and handed that to my grandmother (she was going to understand everything better than my grandfather). Much to my surprise, my grandparents agreed to pay for everything to help me getting properly started with my YouTube videos.

And so, over the course of the past 2 weeks, I’ve bought another new laptop (the one I really wanted, finally), video editing software, a Canon Vixia camcorder, an extendable tripod, clothing, makeup, exercise stuff (oh yeah, kicking that into high gear this year)… basically anything I’d need to make the videos in the first place (and make them look as professional as possible), but also actual items/content for the videos as well.

I’m gonna be posting the videos here, as well as on Buzznet, Twitter and maybe WordPress & Formspring as well. These are the videos I know I’ll make for sure:

  • Fashion & Beauty Haul Videos
  • Home Decor Haul Videos
  • Vegan/Food Allergy Food Haul Videos
  • Exercise DVD reviews & updates on my own progress

I have some other ideas, but these are the ones I’m going to start off with. If you have any videos you’d like to see me add, feel free to submit them to me here. If it’s good, I’ll use it. I’m not limiting myself much right now, because I want to see what people respond well to.

Of course, I think I’m somewhat nervous showing my actual face to all of you, because then you’ll know what I look like and can stalk me or whatever, lol. But it’s about time. In March it will be 3 years since I started this blog. Things were bound to change a little at some point.

Now, this doesn’t at all mean I’m going to stop blogging. It just means I’m going to be blogging AND vlogging. And maybe I can somehow make a living off the YouTube vids (in addition to my Squidoo & Zazzle stuff I have going on). Then I wouldn’t have to worry about working for someone else. Being my own boss and living on my own terms is my American dream, really.

So, thanks to me simply saying what I wanted, and thanks to my grandparents (after all the struggling they’ve seen me do), I can finally start working toward what I really want in 2013. And I’m so grateful and happy about that.

This is where the YouTube videos will be if you want to subscribe to me on YouTube (but I’m posting most, if not ALL of the videos here on Tumblr as well)-

So… 2013… here I come!

P.S. I might do a GPOY before I make and post my first video. Not sure yet.”

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