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The search for a new job begins… AGAIN…

June 6, 2012
Originally posted on Cherry Ambition on Tumblr:

I did in fact lose my job today, just as I expected, and despite all my efforts to keep it. There’s a lot more I’d like to say about it, but considering my next plan of action, I will keep it to myself for now. I’ll just say that I was unhappy there, but would have stayed there for awhile if I hadn’t been terminated. I was making good money, getting holidays off. Now I’m not sure if any of the stuff I was beginning to plan out for this summer will be able to happen.

I called 7 different retail places today and only one was hiring, just part-time hours. If I can get the maximum part-time hours and this position pays more than $8 an hour, I’ll apply there. But I basically need/want to try and get full-time hours and make the same amount of money I was making at my last retail job. Just let me at least be where I was financially with that retail job. I can’t go back to that job, though. If I’m going to do retail again, I need it to be in a different place. Otherwise I feel like I’m really going backwards.

I tried a few libraries as well, but the ones I looked at online (all in my county) openly stated that no positions were available, so that killed that. I’ll look tomorrow for some other potential libraries to work at.

I’m also going to apply for unemployment benefits tonight or tomorrow. But I don’t plan on using them for long. I’d rather take a retail position. If it’s full-time and even just $8 per hour, I will make more than I would sitting at home on unemployment benefits looking for office jobs I couldn’t get hired for. Going to do things differently this time around…

So… yeah. Right back where I started but worse. I’m unhappy and worried about the future now. Not sure I’ll ever get where I want to be, let alone get ahead at all

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