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Write one leaf about working overtime. (EDIT- My Job Problems)

May 24, 2012

Originally posted on the Cherry Ambition Tumblr Blog:


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Well, I’m definitely going to have to work overtime for the next week. It will only be 15 minutes of overtime a day, but I’m hoping it will help me cut back significantly on my workload & save my job.

Yes, I said save my job. I got a warning today about the amount of work I still have left to do, as well as how fast I’m doing it. I only have a week to change this significantly, or I’ll be unemployed next weekend. I have a plan in place already to cut down my workload (including putting a major dent in it tomorrow since Monday is a paid holiday off), but I don’t know if this will help enough. And it’s not like my supervisor hasn’t tried to have others help me, because she has. But this week has been horrible with people sick, taking personal days or on vacation. So we’ve been short on staff, meaning I really have to completely carry my own load right now.

So I won’t be enjoying my weekend at all with this cloud hanging over my head. And if this doesn’t work out, it will be worse than when I was on unemployment benefits, because I’m not qualified to get that right now. I’ve only been with them for a month.

So, yeah. Forgive me if I don’t blog as much next week. I’ll try and make up for that some this weekend. I can’t promise the posts will be all happy & shit, since I tend to blog or reblog stuff related to what I’m doing and feeling at the time. But I’ll blog this weekend.

As for the special post– this job issue greatly affects that, so I’m putting that post on hold until either later in the summer (once I know I’m safe in my job position), or I’ll post-pone it indefinitely until things change for the better and stay that way.

So… that’s my “working overtime” post in a nutshell… 😦

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