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Laptop Issues, New Laptop

May 19, 2012

NOTE- Portions of this post have been taken from an original posting on the Cherry Ambition Tumblr blog:

So Sunday I had issues getting my laptop to boot up. I tried reloading my operating system, going backward in time on the computer to when it booted up properly, calling Microsoft to help me fix it (which would have cost me $99 with no assurance that they could fix my issue and/or prevent it from happening again), et cetera. So I ended up spending several hundred dollars on a new laptop from Best Buy Friday evening after work. I was tired of the old machine, so I decided I’d get rid of it and use my paycheck to buy something that would be more up-to-date and wouldn’t give me as much stress.

Good news is I’m back online again and shouldn’t have anymore major internet interruptions for a long time. Bad news is I spent my entire paycheck and thensome to pay for this brand new laptop, which isn’t even the MacBook Pro that I want (and still plan on getting, by the way). 2-year insurance at Best Buy is pricey. But my history with laptops/computers warranted the need for 2 years worth. Plus it will likely take me that long to save for the MacBook Pro. Meanwhile, I have a more up-to-date laptop. And it has a webcam, which I’ve never had. (Yes, I’m aware most new computers/laptops have webcams these days, but this is new for me.) Don’t know how good it is, but maybe I’ll try it out one day. 😉

Here is a picture of the new laptop so you guys can see it (ignore the slight mess in the background). Nothing super fancy, but it’s far nicer than what I had.

Thankful I have a job that allowed me to pay for this right when I needed it. If I still had my other job, I would have had to wait a good month or two before buying this. I didn’t want to wait that long again.

So I’m operational, and I’m planning more blog posts this weekend, including some vegan food ones. Yummy… 🙂

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