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Get My License – Reblog

May 12, 2012

Originally posted on the Cherry Ambition Tumblr blog:


Get My License

Then it will be time to get the license. But I really want/need those driving lessons in addition to driving wherever I go with someone in the car. My dad thinks I can get them within the next month or so once I’ve got the parallel parking/maneuverability down. I’m not so sure, though…

I posted that back in January of this year. That was 4 months ago. And I still don’t have my freaking license.

I took the test May 3rd & failed both parts because I was so nervous, and also because I had been practicing with the wrong measurements for the maneuverability/cone portion of the test. I rescheduled to take the test today at a different location. While I passed the maneuverability/cone portion of the test just fine (I practiced like hell for that), that might have been a mistake for the driving portion. I ended up being both nervous & disoriented because I was completely unfamiliar with that area. I did worse this time on the driving portion than I did last time. And while there only has to be a week in between test retakes, I’ll likely have to wait 3 more effing weeks because the closest driving test location is f*cking booked up for 2 weeks, and I’m not sure if I can reschedule during the week again with my job and all. The retake will have to be very early in the day or very late in the afternoon, or I’ll just have to wait for the next available Saturday. I’m not going to another test location again. I’m sticking with my local one, because I think I’ll drive much better there.

I can only retake this driving portion 2 more times. If I fail again both times, I’ll have to wait 6 months and retake both the driving & maneuverability/cone portions  of the test. I don’t want that. It would f*ck up the rest of my year.

Damn it. I was really looking forward to finally not having to wait for my ride after work and getting home early and going places by myself. I’m so f*cking disappointed…

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