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April 29, 2012

So this new job is helping me (and even forcing me) rearrange some things about my life at the moment. It’s also taking up a lot of my time during the week, as I still have to wait for a ride after work because I don’t yet have my driver’s license. That might change this week, though. Not saying what day this week, but just wish me luck. It’s not like I can’t take it again, but it’s been incredibly hard to schedule because it’s so booked up at the BMV I go to, and it’s only open during the same hours I’m at work. Can’t really do the driving test elsewhere either because the other BMVs are all too far away. So I’m taking time off work to do this test. If I don’t pass this week, I might have to wait a few weeks before I can take it again. That means more waiting after work, and I’m getting tired of that. So fingers crossed…

I still haven’t had time to look over the health insurance stuff the way I want to. I’ll being doing that some time this week, as I think it will save me money. And then I’ll just take the money I save and put it towards gas for my car & my student loans I’ll have to start paying off.

Oh, and last night… sigh. Last night sucked. My mom got a rash yesterday from some meds she was taking– allergic reaction– and I had to drive her to the emergency room last night. We left the house just after 8pm and didn’t get back until 4am this morning. So that ate up my evening & my time to do some of the stuff I’d planned to do. My mother can’t help it, it’s not her fault (and I wouldn’t expect her to), but I can’t say I wasn’t upset about my evening been eaten away like that. So some of that stuff will have to wait until next weekend unfortunately.

Today NKOTBSB London concert made up for last night somewhat. Had to pay about $5 to see it live online, but it was so worth it. 🙂 2 big bits of BSB news were divulged, and no I will not tell you what. They’ll both end up in the news at some point this week. Cannot wait until they tour again here in the US…

Alright, so as far as blogging is concerned, I do have some food blogs coming up involving Whole Foods (Tofurkey included), a store-bought vegan pizza from Trader Joe’s and more. When I’ll have time to blog about that, I don’t know. But it’s coming.

Might do some reblogs today if I find stuff I want to post. Other than that, hope you had a good weekend!

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