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Get To Know Me Tag

April 15, 2012

My friends Alison & Maaike have done this and essentially tagged me, so I’m doing it too. Enjoy…

Vital Stats:
Name – not telling; online alias is Nina Lee
Nicknames – also not telling
Birthday – March 30th
Place of Birth – Columbus, Ohio
Star Sign – Aries
Occupation – Medical Records Assistant

Hair colour – My natural hair color is dark brown, but it’s currently a dark red
Hair length – Long/Below Shoulders
Eye colour – Dark Brown
Best feature – I don’t know. I don’t have one for myself, but people always say my eyes, my high cheekbones or… well, um, my boobs
Braces – No. Never had them.
Piercings – None…yet. I want some ear piercings (might do this year) & a nose hoop (will have to wait until I’m making enough money through self-employment).
Tattoos – Again, no, not yet. I have 3 that I’d like to get. Hoping to get those done within the next 2 years.
Righty of Lefty – Righty.

Best friend – Candace. We’re still friends, but don’t talk as much these days (which I’m hoping to change significantly this year)
Award – I don’t even remember. Probably something involving either school or piano guilds.
Sport – Ballet, actually. My mom (a former ballerina herself) didn’t like the teacher though, so she pulled me from the class after a year or two.
Real Holiday – with family– NYC. But I was a baby then. The first vacation I really remember was to Canada, and I got sick (asthma attack or allergic reaction, can’t remember which). First vacation I took by myself was Florida in 2001.

Concert – Backstreet Boys – 2001 or 2005 depending on how you look at it (2001 was them at the Today Show in NYC; 2005 was a concert– just them, no headliners– in Columbus, Ohio).

Film – Changes from time to time. I’d probably say Miss Congeniality & The Wizard of Oz right now.
TV Show – Fringe. Hands down.
Colour – I don’t really have a favorite color, but I’ll say white, because I can always paint over or dye white things if I want to.
Song – Too many to name, honestly.
Restaurant – None. I prefer to eat at home because I can cook and eat a better, larger variety of foods at home than I can in a restaurant (even a vegan, allergy-friendly restaurant).
Store – eBay
Book – I always say The Works of Anne Frank, which includes her diary entries but also contains poems & short stories she wrote. But I’m thinking maybe I should have a new favorite book to replace that…
Shoes – My leopard print Snooki Slippers (yes, that Snooki)… I only bought them back in October and they’re already so worn they have holes in the bottom of them. But I’ll probably just get some iron-on patches to iron over top of the holes. I don’t really want to spend money to get new slippers.

Feeling – Pensive, content, and still freaking happy about leaving retail
Eating – Nothing at the moment…
Listening to – Laptop Whirring, sound of dryer from downstairs, wind blowing outside & the faint sound of a law mower running somewhere
Thinking about – All the chores I need to complete, TV shows to watch, and other stuff I need to do to prepare for my new job
Watching – My Laptop Screen (duh, so I can type this!)
Wearing – Large t-shirt that says “Believe it, live it, be it” and gray house shorts

Want Children – Right now my answer is no, but maybe if I meet the right person (but I’m only birthing one child; if it’s a girl, I’m done, but if it’s a boy I’m adopting a girl)
Want to be married – Only if I meet the right person.
Careers in mind – YouTubing, modeling, travel blogger
Where do you want to live – Florida until my 60s or 70s, and then I’d like to move out of the country– Australia or Bermuda sounds nice.

Do you believe in:
God – Yes, but I don’t always like how He works.
Miracles – Sometimes.
Love at first sight – To be honest, I’ve always thought this was bullsh*t. I do not believe you  can really love someone without first knowing them. The only things that can happen “at first sight” are lust and infatuation. And disgust.
Ghosts – No.
Aliens – Yes, but not in the way most people think of them.
Soul Mates – This is iffy
Heaven –  Yes.
Hell – Yes.
Kissing on the first date – Depends on the person. If you know you don’t like them, then obviously don’t. If you do, then yes, of course!
Yourself – Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I have to work on this.

Ok, I’m tagging whoever is reading this. Leave me a link to your post in the comments.

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