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A Change Is Coming…

April 6, 2012

I’ve had good news since Tuesday, but didn’t really have time to blog about it because I’ve been home late every night this week. And whenever I get home late, all I do is cook my lunch/dinner for the next day & watch TV online.

And so, the good news is… next week is my very last week at my retail job! The clerical job I interviewed for on my birthday? They called me back at work Tuesday and offered me the position. I’ll be starting Tuesday, April 17. Pays better, has better benefits, better vacation time and paid holidays (meaning I’ll have Memorial Day & 4th of July off this year and still get paid)! So, sooooo happy. I cried a bit after I got the call. Thank goodness no one was in the office with me, lol.

I’m going to be working Sunday-Wednesday next week for 3 reasons— 1) My mother is having extensive knee surgery Thursday and my dad wasn’t going to be able to stay with her in the inpatient care facility she’ll be at and also drive me to & from work that day. So I just planned to take it off. But also 2) I wanted to work Easter Sunday so I can avoid having to come in Friday. It will be four 10-hour shift days, just like last week. But once I’m done Wednesday, I’m just done. And I can have a 5-day weekend to do whatever I want (at home, that is). I’ll be helping out with my mom, of course (she’ll be drugged up), but she’s actually not coming home until Friday evening or sometime Saturday. So… lots of time still to readjust, recoup from the retail BS and prepare for my new clerical job. Ugh, still can’t believe this is finally happening…

So, this is actually going to change a few things (in a very good way) as far as my blog is concerned, too. Such as:

  • GPOY posts. I’m going to start by posting them with my head cut off in the photos, but I’ll show my face eventually. One of the reasons I haven’t done any GPOY posts before (in addition to many other reasons) is because I bitched so much about my retail job on this blog and elsewhere online, and I didn’t want my face attached to that while I was still working retail. The retail higher-ups (or even just co-workers) might see that and then want to fire me for talking so negatively (but truthfully) about my workplace. That, and they actually have a social media policy that prevents me from doing that with my own name and face. So… no more of that shit.
  • Being more likely to post original videos in the slightly far-off future. I’m planning on saving up for that coveted MacBook Pro I’ve been wanting for quite awhile now. Not sure if it comes with a good webcam, so if I need a better webcam, I’ll get that too. I also want a really good digital video camera to record stuff with. I have some ideas for things I want to post, and I want the webcam & digital video camera to be of the best quality I can afford.
  • Less bitching about my job. I know this new clerical job won’t be perfect, but compared to the past 7 months, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be anywhere near as annoying, upsetting and disappointing as the retail job. The biggest thing I’m worried about is consistently getting to work on time. I was mostly on time with the retail job, but it was in the same general direction as the route my dad takes to work. This lovely new job is in the other direction. So he’s pretty much wanting me to starting driving myself to work right quick. Hoping to get a pile of driving lessons in during my 5-day weekend. That might prepare me to take my driving test by the end of April. And then I can just be scared of driving alone… what fun.

And… well, that’s that. So… ugh, I cannot wait for the end of my workday Wednesday! I’ll probably do one last post about my job, comparing it to what I will and won’t do with the new job. But then that will be it for the retail bitching.

Nice to be hopeful about my future again. 🙂

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  1. April 9, 2012 8:09 am

    So very happy for you hun!

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