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Charlavail’s DIY Skeleton Sweater Instructional Video

April 2, 2012

Remember the iron-ons I was talking about making with material (white fabric & transfer web paper) from Jo-Ann Fabrics? This is the video I’m using to help me make them…

Now granted, these iron-ons can actually be used for any type of top (t-shirt, tank top, etc.) or even a jacket or dress if you like. You just have to make sure the fabric you get is similar to the fabric of the clothing you’re putting it on. What I mean by that is, for example, if the clothing is stretchy, you might also want stretchy fabric so it will move with the clothing. If the clothing isn’t stretchy, don’t use stretchy fabric for the iron-on. (At least this is what the lady at Jo-Ann Fabrics told me when I went in to buy my material.) The fabric doesn’t have to be off-white/white if you don’t want it to be, by the way. Whatever is in your head, you can pretty much do. This is just how Charlavail did it in the video.

I will be doing this with an article of clothing that I bought recently. Not saying what, because I might do a GPOY wearing this clothing… 🙂

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