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Birthday Shopping Items – Journals & Clothing

April 2, 2012

So like I said, I unexpectedly found & bought a few items from both Barnes & Noble and Forever 21 on Friday.

First is a photo of the journals I got at Barnes & Noble. The journal on the left features a quote from “unknown”, but that “unknown” was actually an Irish playwright named George Bernard Shaw (I’ve blogged about this quote a few times before, as it’s the same quote I want tattooed on my arm at some point). The journal on the right features a quote from Thoreau. I like both these quotes, as they inspire me to do exactly what I want to do in life. When I’ll ever write in them, I don’t know. I have more than 10 empty journals sitting in a drawer right now, as I haven’t written in a journal in years. But anyway, I also got the Thoreau quote on a magnet, too. You can see more products with these inspirational quotes by visiting and clicking on “Shop”, then “Individual”, or by clicking on the store locator to find a store nearest you that sells the merchandise.

Moving on… all the clothing you see here was bought from Forever 21 (which I use to work at 10 years ago, FYI). I walked into the store with no intention of buying anything other than a pair of black dress pants. I couldn’t find those, but walked out with several other articles of clothing— 4 pairs of short skirts (3 identical but different only in color, and then another black shirt), a pair of black dress shorts, a body contour color-block strapless dress, and a pair of deep blue leggings not pictured (because the color in the photos I took wasn’t coming out true to life). I’m so used to buying stuff online, normally. But when it comes to all my bottoms— shorts, skirts & pants— I need to try it on in person to see how it fits, whether it’s too long or short, and if I like how it looks on me or not.

One day I’ll do some GPOYs in this clothing. For now though, these photos will have to do…

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