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Birthday Shopping – Goodies from Whole Foods (Except for the Sorbet)

April 1, 2012

So all but one of these goodies were bought at my local Whole Foods Market. The first photo is of Citrus Roasted Potatoes and Sweet & Sour “Meat” (seitan, basically). That was ready made right there in the store, although it was cold when I tasted it at the store, so I heated all of it up in the microwave when I got home. The potatoes weren’t as good as the Alexia potatoes that I like, just so so. The Sweet & Sour “Meat” however was very good, but had this weird spicy aftertaste effect. I couldn’t eat it all at once, because when stuff is too spicy and I eat it too  quickly, my mouth will react to it as if I ate something I’m allergic to. So while I ate most of that, I had to give some to my mom. If I get more of that in the future, I’ll only get small amounts of it (I got 1/4 lb of both dishes).

The Macaroni & Vegan Cheese by Candle Cafe (2nd and 3rd photos) was alright. The cheese sauce ingredients are basically the same as the ingredients in Daiya Cheddar Cheese, so I think that was probably shredded Daiya in there to begin with. I added some more when I heated it up in the microwave. Pretty expensive at $5.99, so I’d wait until it went on sale to get some more. I probably wouldn’t get it very often, as I really don’t eat a lot of pasta no matter what is on it or how it’s fixed.

The Tofu Spinach Ravioli (bottom middle photo) was also by Candle Cafe and priced at $5.99. I haven’t tried it yet. I’m saving it for lunch & dinner at work this week, but I might heat it up and sample it this evening when I fix Monday’s lunch/dinner.

The Garden Lentil Salad… meh. I really don’t like it much, so I’ll have to blend that in with some other dishes or stick it in a sandwich or veggie burger stuff with other things.

The Whole Fruit Strawberry Sorbet was bought earlier in the week at another store. While it tastes exactly the same as the Strawberry sorbet I wrote about in this post, it’s not as cheap. The store brand was $1.89 per pint, but it was limited edition and sold out sometime back in mid-March. So I have to get this stuff instead, which is $3.69. Ridiculous. But it’s so good.

But yeah, those are my birthday goodies I bought (except the sorbet, which is a weekly goodie)…

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