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Recap of My Week & Previous Weekend – March 17—24, 2012 (& Plans for Next Week)

March 24, 2012

Originally posted on CHERRY AMBITION on Tumblr:

So… a few things have happened in the past week. I won’t bore you too much with work details with the exception of what I’ve planned for next week. But… well, just read:

  • Had a check for my driving lessons bounce twice, so I ended up with 2 fees and a negative in my bank account. I got a fee removed (my bank will do that, thank goodness), and then put some money in my account from elsewhere. Also had to call the driving instructor to let them know the check I gave them might be returned to them, and if so, let me know. If only I had just checked my bank account over the weekend…
  • Had a birthday dinner last Saturday with some older family friends & one friend my age whom I went to school with from K-12. I was discussing how much I hated my job, and she could fully relate to me and verbalized everything I’ve been thinking and feeling about my job– being frustrated with a job that doesn’t pay well; a job that isn’t in my field; a job that requires me to fake friendliness & be polite and reserved all the time so as not to upset customers (even when they aren’t polite, friendly or reserved themselves); a job I can’t enjoy because it doesn’t interest me; a job that doesn’t acknowledge my college degree; a job that doesn’t give me any personal days or vacation until I’ve been there for a year; a job where I do the same thing every day and hate it; a job that holds me back from the lifestyle I want, etc. But anyway, it was just nice to talk to someone else that understands where I’m coming from and what I’m going through. She suggested I rethink about getting my Masters degree, but in Communications so I could learn some more online stuff and whatnot that I could apply to my secret future project. I’m considering it, but only if I can’t get the job that I want by this summer. Also, I got a little bit of money (not a lot) for my birthday.
  • I rearranged my work hours next week so that I have Friday off, reason being that it’s my birthday and there was no way in hell I was working on my birthday. I had enough hours that I could have gotten one paid day off, but I’m saving that for whenever my last week of work is.
  • I received 2 calls for two separate job interviews for this coming Friday. One of the jobs might get filled by then, but they said they’d call me to cancel the interview if that happened. Hoping that I get one of these positions so I can leave my shitty retail job once and for all. If I get the job that I want out of the two, it will be the best thing I’ve done for myself on my birthday.
  • Planning on going to get a new red wig (or hair extensions), some clothing iron-ons and some stuff from Whole Foods on my birthday after the job interviews. Not sure if I’ll go see a movie yet. Might do that a different day…

And I already blogged about my crap internet connection and having to buy a wireless adapter. It’s still acting up a little bit, but nowhere near as much as it was earlier in the week. Sigh. I wish I didn’t have so much crap that needs resolved. That’s why I’m always stressed.

But yeah, that’s what’s up with me. At least I have my birthday (and the potential of a new job) to look forward to.

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