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Laptop Won’t (STAY) Connect(ed) To the Internet…

March 21, 2012

Might or might not be able to resolve this issue. Can’t afford a new laptop, but I’ll look into buying a USB device that boosts internet connection. My laptop is old and does what it wants. So I probably won’t be able to post anything until this is fixed. Sorry. (I typed this from my mom’s Apple desktop.)

EDIT (from my own laptop): The connectivity is sketchy. It works, then it doesn’t work. For the past 30 minutes, it’s let me go on websites, but I can’t watch any video without it pausing every 5 seconds or not loading properly. So that killed my online viewing tonight. Probably will spend the weekend watching stuff online instead of the other stuff I’d planned on doing. It’s always f*cking something… I’m always having f*cking problems with something in my life. It would be nice if everything could be resolved.

I may or may not do a follow-up post tonight. Too tired and fed up…

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