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This Weekend’s To-Do List…

February 25, 2012

Things I will do this weekend:

  • Driving lessons (it was too windy outside to do it when I scheduled it initially)
  • The usual getting-ready-for-work stuff (laundry, fixing lunch, etc)
  • Catch up on all my favorite TV shows (Jimmy Fallon, Fringe, Nikita, New Girl)

Things I’m seriously considering doing this weekend (but are still a maybe):

  • Catch up on the new shows I’m not yet sure I like much (Alcatraz, Ringer; I’m behind at least 2 episodes on both)
  • Make another vegan pizza
  • Finally buying P90x (and maybe even the P90 videos that supposedly come before it & will be easier to start off with)
  • organizing all these stacks of paper in my room into folders & binders (I’m tired of my room being so damn messy)
  • Copy some of my more recent Tumblr posts & paste them to my Buzznet, WordPress & Blogger blogs that I haven’t caught up on (click here to see ALL the other Cherry Ambition blogs & sites I have)
  • Update my Squidoo webpages & maybe blog about them here

But I’m not going to have enough time to do all of this, clearly. I’ll have to pick and choose…

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