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I saw the cutest thing today…

February 20, 2012

After yet another day at work with adults who treat each other like crap & are easily annoyed by each other, I went shopping. I had to drop something off at the customer service desk, which is near the check-out registers. In between the registers & service desk is a bench. On that bench was a little girl (no older than 5 years old) & little boy (no older than 7)- brother and sister. But they weren’t fighting or running around. They weren’t even talking. While their mom was checking her groceries out, the little girl was lying down on the bench. Her brother had a blanket, which he took and covered her with, making sure to cover all of her. He then sat down at the end where her head was, but lifted her head up so she could use his lap as pillow. I never saw the girl’s face, but the boy was pretty much smiling the whole time he was doing this. I looked over at the mom, and she was smiling too. I saw more kindness between those two kids than with any other adults the whole damn day.

Now damn it, why can’t we all be that kind & caring to each other at least once in awhile?

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