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Recap of My Week – Feb. 12–18, 2012

February 18, 2012


  • Nick Carter concert was Sunday. Read about that here. He also did a live chat from Columbus, Ohio (right before his soundcheck before Sunday’s concert) with fans around the globe. I enjoyed myself, but I’ve decided that I have to meet the guy (with AND without BSB). Adding that to my bucket list…
  • Got really depressed at work Monday & Tuesday (more than the usual daily work depression). Wanted to just sit down and have a good cry both days. God, I hate my job & what it prevents me from doing…
  • Found out Friday that word got out about my potentially leaving my position. Problem is, no one outside the 5 people I told should know, so I’m pissed (as it means someone opened their damn mouth and told someone they should not have). No, there is not a position open until I put in my two weeks notice, damn it. I don’t need you f*cking vultures trying to take my job when I haven’t left yet, and I’m not leaving until I have something else lined up. Damn it, I find a new reason everyday to hate my job (& most of the people I work with) more than I already do.
  • So something good had to happen Friday to outweigh that bullshit at work. What it was— I took my first official driving lesson. Yep. Even got to take with the same guy I was doing driving lessons with a few years ago (before I became unemployed & couldn’t afford lessons anymore). I know driving with my dad will not be enough on its own, as great a driver as my dad is. The guy I’m driving with is better, though (because he has to not only do it everyday, but it’s his job). He’s already taught me a few things that even my dad is unaware of. But anyway, the main goal is to be prepared to take my driver’s test this spring, get my license and drive myself, all by myself. It will be so nice when I don’t have to depend on anyone else to go where I need and/or want to go.

That’s it, really. I was supposed to effing hear back about the job I interviewed for 2 weeks ago, but I never did. I’ll be calling them Monday to see what’s up.

Yes, I did post this earlier, then saved it as a draft & deleted the original post so I could post another quirkyalone blog post directly behind the other ones I posted on Tuesday.

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