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Musical Ignorance About McCartney & The Beatles

February 13, 2012

Musical Ignorance About McCartney & The Beatles



Dear History Teachers,

Yup I’m looking at you. This is partially your fault. Take a break from the Incas, Aztecs, Explorers, Kings, Asia Minor, Washington, Lincoln etc and teach these kids about MUSIC HISTORY.

I really would like them to know that their favorite BULL SHIT bands that have the freedom to write their own lyrics, be controversial, and create inventive music are THANKS to a FUCKING KNIGHTED LEGEND name PAUL McCartney who with one of the “original” rock bands REVOLUTIONIZED music FOREVER!

Dear Youth of this world (And their parents for that matter),

Our world might end with your generation and that really SCARES ME!

Because if you don’t know who King Henry the 8th, George Washington OR The Beatles are we’re in SEVERE f*cking trouble.

****Mom if you read this sorry for the swearing but it was necessary. These kids don’t know who the Beatles or Paul McCartney are. What’s wrong with them???****

Is this real?…. IS THIS REAL?

Ignorance is their new best friend… Yep, this is real life. And it appears the world is going to hell in a handbasket…

Every person asking about who he is could have Googled or Wiki-ed him at least

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