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What I Haven’t Told You About This Week (and a few other things)…

February 4, 2012
  • Had a job interview Wednesday after work. It went well, and I think they liked me, but I won’t know if I’m being seriously considered until they contact my supervisor (whom I finally told I was looking for work elsewhere, since I can’t apply for anything within the store until after I’ve been there 6 months; also the store has no positions I’m interested in right now anyway). They said they would contact me either way about the position, since they did interview me. I’ll likely know the week of Valentine’s Day.
  • Got hit by a car Thursday morning on the way to work. Car rammed us (me and the driver) from the back. Jerked us forward. We’re ok so far, and the car will only have minor damage. I do think I’ve been getting more jaw pain & slight headaches for the past 3 days because of it, but that could just be stress as well. Had some this week even before that accident happened, I think…
  • The concert that I’m supposed to go to on Sunday, February 12 is a Nick Carter concert. I’m surprised that it’s still scheduled currently, because his sister Leslie Carter died Tuesday. Really shocked me, since I actually always sort of viewed her as being the most normal in their family (which has a LOT of issues, though it’s clear the siblings love each other dearly). I was initially feeling iffy about the concert (and I still think the opening acts will be crappy), but I definitely want to be there now just to support Nick. He’s keeping the dates and dedicating the tour to his sister. Although, I’m thinking he could still cancel the show. And frankly, I’d be ok with that (as long as I got a refund). Family is more important than fans, to be real & honest. But I know he might also be keeping the dates to keep busy, because he might be more likely to settle into depression and his old habits as a result of Leslie’s death if he wasn’t keeping busy with work and positive stuff. So I sort of understand him continuing with the tour…
  • It didn’t happen this week, but if I get the job I interviewed for above, it will affect this person in a very positive way. One of the girls I worked with— the one that moved to Texas in December? She came back to Ohio in January. She quit her job, got rid of her home/apartment and uprooted her 7 or 8 year-old daughter to get back with her ex (who is that child’s dad), but it didn’t work out. (My other co-worker actually suspected this might happen, but said nothing as it’s her friend.) She drove back to Ohio last month and I have no idea what she’s doing, but I know she’s not working (and not looking to work anywhere else but back where she was before). If I were to leave, she’d likely take my job (which actually is not the job she had before). I feel bad for her daughter mostly, as she had no control or say in the situation and how it played out. Probably won’t get to know her dad, either. It’s also a good lesson for me to a) not have kids with anyone I’m not married to, and b) never leave everything behind for a guy, no matter how badly my life sucks. I will be independent regardless of what my future significant other is doing.

And… that’s that. Life and it’s twists & turns (especially in 2012)— the good, the bad, the expected, the unexpected…

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