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Vegan Caviar Rant (& My Response To It)

January 29, 2012




Vegan Caviar

why the f*ck is there vegan caviar, seriously who the f*ck said hey i remember when i was a millionaire and ate meat, eating fish eggs was awesome, i wish i could do it again even tho i am vegan i got it ill make vegan fish eggs, i just don’t get why vegans feel the need to make fake meats are you trying to pretend that you are like others, because that does not seem the case, any vegan i know will take the time to show off their vegan food or tell everyone about being vegan, why do you try to make food that looks like meat or tastes like meat or smells like meat. i always hear vegans complain about the smell of meat or that they don’t even like the taste of meat anymore, but then give them a really good veggie burger and what do they say, “oh my god it’s so good, it tastes like a real burger, you wouldn’t even know the difference” f*cking stupid if you ask me. if you want to eat a burger eat a burger, if you want to eat caviar then eat it. my last thought on being vegan or even just vegetarian fucking be it or don’t it is as simple as that. yeah i get it that people make mistakes and that is ok but none of this cheating shit. i know vegans an vegetarians who do that and it drives me nuts,i get it sometimes you didn’t realize that it was cooked with milk, or that there is gelatin in it thats ok but oh i’m just going to eat this because i want to or not eating animals is to hard at this restaurant nope that is not ok! if you pick a lifestyle and eating habit and spend your days telling everyone how important it is and talking shit about those who eat meat, then you better never slip up, from now on i will call you on it

sorry if i offend any vegans that is not the point, i generally respect your life choice unless you are one of the vegans who decided that it is more than a life choice and have decided it is the only thing you will ever talk about and you will be condescending to no vegan, and if you fall into that category then i hope you are offended.


why the f*ck are you mad about vegan caviar






Seriously. What VeganandSara said. What the HELL Danzilla?

Any vegans who complain about the smell of meat or say that they don’t even like the taste of meat anymore, it has far less to do with the taste or smell and more to do with them knowing it’s a dead animal.

But since you decided to go on an effing rant, here’s why the f*ck there’s vegan meat— for those who want guilt-free, tasty, good-smelling fake meat. Also, for people like me who have been vegan almost their entire lives thanks to actually being allergic to dairy, eggs, meat & seafood. I have no idea what regular caviar tastes or smells like. But now I can get some idea if I ever choose to eat this vegan caviar shown here. I can expand my diet and have more variety to choose from. And it’s not from an animal, which is the most important part. As long as it’s not a dead animal or incredibly unhealthy otherwise, I don’t effing care what it is or resembles. Nobody else should either, imo.

I’m NOT a vegan dictator (and you can check my whole damn blog & see that for yourself). I normally wouldn’t go off about vegan stuff in this capacity, as I think people should just eat the healthiest that they can, whether it’s vegan or not. But I’m not offended— rather amused and annoyed and really… damn, why the f*ck ARE you mad about vegan caviar & meat? Why not vegan seafood & dairy too for that matter? It resembles animal-made stuff too.

So there’s your effing answer.

Also, please learn how to write. That was a pain to read. No damn periods in that whole rant, and nothing is capitalized where it should be. Yes, I am a f*cking grammar Nazi…

My rant is over now…

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