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List three jobs you’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter.

January 23, 2012

Question Prompt Answer Post from Cherry Ambition on WordPress:

I can do one better- I’ll list four:
  • Professional YouTuber — they actually make a lot of money per month through ads YouTube puts on their videos; pay is based on how many hits their videos get within a certain time period; problem is they use expensive programs & equipment to give viewers the best quality videos.
  • Modeling — I normally don’t like to have my photo taken, but done up in just the right way, I think I’d really enjoy it; I’d have to drive myself to all the shoots though, and that’s gas money, plus the driving lessons I’d need to get my license in the first place.
  • Travel blogger — I would go to all the places on my bucket list (mostly tropical, warm weather places) and blog about them and my adventures there.
  • Graphic designer — so I could design my own merchandise & sell it, or make more designs on Zazzle; considered going back to school for this, but it’s too expensive and I can only get a small amount in loans because I already used up most of what I’m qualified to get for undergraduate studies.

I already know I’m gonna do one of these some day, which will hopefully lead to doing two more of these things if not all of the remaining 3…

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