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Why I Don’t Do “Recap of My Week” Posts Anymore; Job Plan…

January 20, 2012

I simply don’t feel like rehashing the shit at work that agitates the hell out of me. I know I need to vent about it sometimes, but I don’t want to bring it up every week (even though shit happens every week). And you probably don’t wanna read about it. And nothing else is really going on right now (aside from my shopping goodies). So that’s that. If and when I have more stuff going on outside of work, or I switch jobs, I’ll blog about that. And I’ll vent about work when I feel the need to do it (like I will later on in this post). But I think I’m going to keep the work bitching to a minimum.

That being said, got damn, yet another person at work botheing the shit out of me over a button not working on the touch screen. Called it in so a tech would come out. It’s been an issue forever apparently, but I only just knew about it today. And all I wanted this damn girl to do was reboot the damn register. Just humor me. when I call it in, they’re going to ask if the register was rebooted or recalibrated. If not, then I have to do it before it gets called in anyway. UGH. I would be ok if she didn’t have such a damn attitude about it, but now she’s on my “blacklist” with several other people. Pretty much hate half the people I work with (and it’s mostly managers with inflated egos and little care for other people’s feelings). It’s that bad. Not to mention, I hate being the person who is constantly called to fix everyone else’s shit, and then have them be annoyed with me because I was busy doing something else or fixing someone else’s shit before I got to theirs. I can’t be f*ckin’ everywhere at once, damn it. This current job is only going to get worse, not better

And so, my job search continues. I’ve gotten 3 calls within the past week from 3 different places. I got a call from a guy who works with some sales/marketing firm or company. I don’t like sales/marketing. Not interested in it. And while he’s telling me I can make $60,000-$70,000 a year and have a life, he’s telling me he’s calling from his second job. He was supposed to call me back again, but he didn’t. I have no intention of calling him back instead. I’ll just leave that where it is, which is nowhere…

The next one was some girl calling about an administrative position after seeing my resume online, and yet when I called her back and left her a message telling her I was looking for a “clerical, full-time permanent” position, she didn’t call me back to even confirm whether or not the position met any of my requirements. So screw her and her company…

However, the call I got today was from a legit place- a medical office at my alma mater. I’m going to call them back this weekend and hopefully set up an interview for next Friday afternoon. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I’m doing a job application blitz this weekend. Applying for everything I believe I’m qualified for. But nothing less than what I want, which is a full-time, permanent clerical job that would pay at least $10 per hour. If it appears to meet all those requirements, I’ll apply for it. (Some positions don’t say how much they’d pay per hour, but you can do a guesstimate based on what the position requirements are and a quick review of their website.) We’ll see what falls from the job tree, because I’ll be shaking it hard

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