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I ask you the same question! hahaha :)

January 20, 2012

Ah…. ok. Can do!

Reposting the question so my followers will know what it was: 

How many concerts have you attended? Which was your favorite? Least favorite? If none, who do you want to see live the most?

If I count the time I saw Backstreet Boys in NYC for the first time, then it’s 8 concerts. 9 concerts coming February 12 (I’ll let you know who I’m seeing when the date gets closer… and if there’s no snowstorms or icestorms that weekend). I think I can even list them in order…

BSB (Backstreet Boys)Monday, July 2nd, 2001. Saw them for their NBC Today show performance. I remember this date well for two reasons; first, one of its band members, A.J. McLean, went to rehab a week after I saw them here, and the Boys were on MTV talking about it. Definitely kinda shocked me, because on the surface everything seemed ok. Never really know what people are dealing with sometimes. Secondly, it was the last time I ever visited NYC, which was only 2 months before 9/11. I haven’t been to NYC since.

BSB in April 2005Just them. No stupid opening acts, which I normally hate. Wasn’t familiar with the venue, went with my mom, and wanted to be closer to the stage. Couldn’t see over people’s heads in the stage pit (it was standing room only).

Ashlee Simpson, late 2005 or sometime in 2006; don’t remember when — I now regret this because I’m not a fan of hers anymore, and I always feel embarrassed admitting I was fan to begin with. I would say in hindsight, probably my least favorite concert now. But at least she sang live… hehe…

Jingle Ball radio concert in Dec. 2007 — Saw BSB as headliners for a Xmas-time concert with One Republic, Blake Lewis (American Idol runner-up to Jordin Sparks) and Colbie Calliat. Stupid girl behind me with huge breasts kept bouncing up and down during BSB’s songs, hitting me in the back with those damn things. Same venue BSB played in 2005, but I wore platform boots this time to make SURE I could see.

The Veronicas, May 2009 — Opening acts were The Love Willlows and Taylor Momsen’s band The Pretty Reckless (before the members changed; not the same ones that she has with her now). The Love Willows weren’t that great. The Pretty Reckless was actually pretty damn good. Veronicas were great, of course. Watched a fight break out during their last song. Security did nothing to stop it, because they didn’t even see it. Ran into Momsen in the ladies’ room and told her I liked her band, then proceeded to chit-chat with her. She was quite nice, actually (and only freaking 14 or 15 at the time— I thought she was my age, which would have been mid-twenties then). Didn’t know who she was at the time (I don’t watch Gossip Girl and never will). Went the day before I left with the family for North Carolina for my younger sister’s college graduation.

Paramore, May 2010 — Fun. and Relient K were the opening acts. Same venue as BSB, but outside instead. Wished I could have been in the seated VIP area in-between the stage pit and grassy seating area. Was chilly for May. But Paramore rocked. Was one of the last few concerts with the Farro brothers in the band, so I’m glad I went.

Flyleaf, October 2010 — Only one opening act- Story of the Year. Another good opening act. Ended up being front row in a standing room only area because I met up with a girl and her boyfriend, who was quite tall. She said he’d make sure we’d be in the front and would save our spots for us. I ended up with a headache during the concert, but damn, I got some good video from that, lol. Love Lacey Sturm (formerly Mosley), too.

NKOTBSB concert, July 2011 — MUCH bigger venue. In fact, my first seated concert. Opening acts were some lesser known boy band I don’t know and Matthew Morrison of Glee. New Kids were good, but of course I went for BSB. Won tickets from my local radio station, so this was a free concert for me. Seats were crappy. Wanted seats close to the stage, along with meet-and-greet passes or backstage passes to meet BSB. I missed out on winning those, though. Went to the concert with my mom again (she’d said she wanted to go, but I knew she couldn’t afford to pay and neither could I- hence winning them from the radio station). Concert was good once New Kids & BSB hit the stage. They’re gonna be in Europe this year touring. I’m jealous of you Europeans (if any are following this blog).

Sunday, February 12 — To be announced. The opening acts are gonna suck again, though. I already YouTubed them. One is some hip-hop group I could care less for, and the other is a Gaga copycat/wannabe (and I don’t like Gaga to begin with, so…)

My concerts so far… and I don’t have any one favorite. All the BSB ones are my favorites (despite my love for mostly rock music now, I can’t quit the BSB; literally like a drug [like LSD, PCP])…

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