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Vegan Ice Cream Recipe Book & 2 Bucket-List-Style Books

January 9, 2012

These are 3 of the 4 books I bought with the $25 Amazon gift card my sister gave me for Christmas. I went through the whole Vegan Scoop book and marked all the vegan ice cream recipes I want to try. I only regret that they do not have a recipe for vegan marshmallow ice cream.

Ingredients this book calls for often that I’ve never used before in ice cream— arrowroot powder and vegan/soy creamer. Thinking I’ll have to buy the arrowroot powder from a local health food store because I’m not sure if the big name grocery/supermarket stores will have it. As for the vegan/soy creamer… I might be able to buy it, but only if there’s no nut ingredients in it (particularly almond milk). The creamers are iffy. I can’t do Silk because there’s possible cross-contamination with their almond milk products. Sucks. So I’ll more than likely I’ll have to make the vegan/soy creamer myself and refrigerate it before using it in my ice cream.)

The bucket list books in the second picture are book I listed on my bucket list webpage years ago, but didn’t buy until now. It’s going to take me a weekend to really read though them. I skimmed through them when I got them, and there’s a lot of fill-in-the-blank spots to write things down. It will take me even longer to fill in all those blanks. But I’m going to do it. I said I wanted to make big changes this year, and I really believe these books will help me do so.

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