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Writing in the Sand — 2011-2012

December 31, 2011

2012 is coming shortly (and for many around the globe, it’s already 2012). This would usually be the time of year where I reflect on the year that has passed and what I accomplished, if anything. I’m not gonna list all that happened in 2011 in the media— you can look that stuff up on every other website right now. I’m also not listing what I did this year because, well, I really didn’t accomplish anything besides getting a shitty job. Yes, it’s a paycheck (one I needed with my unemployment benefits ending), and a bigger one than I had before. But it is only a paycheck.

I really just want to be able to move forward in a big way in 2012 and have some positive experiences— some that I expect to have and others that I never expected to have. I want a better job, to finally get my long-overdue driver’s license, and to start making more money online. I want to check more stuff off of my bucket list this year than I have in my entire 27-1/2 year lifespan. I want to simply do what I want and be happy. I want to live for myself and not for others. That’s what I want in 2012.

Starting shortly after midnight, I will be reblogging posts from the Perfect Bucket List Tumblr Blog, which lists several bucket list submission from its followers as captions to accompanying photos. The posts will be very relevant to what I’m wanting from 2012— and out of life in general. (I’ve actually already posted 4 of them— “Win the lottery”, “Win a jackpot”, “Make a Million Dollars” & “Get Rid of All the Negativity In My Life”). I might be reblogging them throughout the week as well (if I can’t reblog all the ones I’d like to on January 1st).

That’s about it from me this year. Hope you have a good New Year Eve/Day wherever you are!

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