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Christmas 2011 – Food, Presents & Family

December 26, 2011

Recap of my holiday weekend. As promised, I’m posting pics of the food I ate Christmas Eve & Christmas. Not posting a pic of any of my gifts, though I will list what I got.

The first pic is of a gift I gave to myself, as well as something extra from the people I ordered it from. Remember how I previously blogged about some Jac Vanek bracelets I ordered, and how one of the bracelets they sent me was the wrong one? Well, just as I thought and hoped they would, they let me keep the bracelet they sent me in error and sent me the one I actually ordered free of charge. So I ended up with 2 free bracelets (you get a free bracelet anyway when you order $30+ from the website and use a special code). Yeeeeeeahhh. The one on the left is the one I originally wanted (which arrived in the mail Christmas Eve), while the one on the right has that candle-flame-dotted “i” in honor of the “16 Wishes” movie it was made for.

The delicious food you see (all vegan) is as follows:

The Christmas gifts I got from everyone else included the following:

From my mom (& dad)-

  • Dish-washing brush that can be filled with soap (I hate using the same brush as everyone else to wash my dishes because they eat stuff I’m allergic to, which can and does get into their brush)
  • pink zebra blanket
  • large maroon-colored scarf/pashmina
  • heating pad for PMS/cramps (which I haven’t actually gotten in months thanks to birth control)
  • electric hand mixer (for mostly baking recipes)
  • 2 bottle pop tops (you know, those tops you can stick on aluminum cans once you open some pop or juice but don’t or can’t finish it, but you want to save it to drink for later)
  • Bazooka Bubble Gum
  • 2 flashlight key chain rings
  • $5 Wal-Mart gift card (I’m in there enough)
  • some other stuff I cannot remember off the top of my head

From my younger sister-

  • $10 iTunes gift card
  • $25 Amazon gift card
  • Key chain & mini-license plate with my name on it (from her trip to Aruba earlier this year; my current legal name doesn’t appear on ready-made trinkets/souvenirs here in the States, but it does in Aruba, which surprised me)

From my youngest sister (whom I actually told not to get me anything because I wasn’t getting her anything because she gives me grief all year long with the disrespect & not cleaning up after herself; and yet she got me something anyway, oh well)

  • $10 iTunes gift card (just because I have 2 now doesn’t mean I won’t use this one 2— I’ll find something to spend it on)

From my grandmother (& grandfather)

  • $200 (which I get every year, but ALWAYS appreciate every year as well, because I can use it on anything; this year it will be used for either a wig, driving lessons, or a nighttime mouth insert/device that would alleviate my jaw pain)

And those were my gifts. Can’t lie, my grandparents’ gift always trumps everyone else’s, but I really liked the gift cards & personalized stuff that I got. Most of my parents’ gifts are useful/practical, and I did appreciate it, but almost none of it was on the list I gave to my mom (which was literally just gift cards & money this year). I didn’t want a lot of things because I have too much stuff in my room as it is. There’s not a lot of space. Things are shoved & stuffed into drawers, and all my surfaces are covered. So I’m trying not to add to my room until I sell a few (or several) things. I told my mother this, but she didn’t listen. She was insistent on getting me things and not gift cards/money (which I would have spent on small things or books), so my reaction while opening most of them was a little less than stellar, which disappointed my mom. Honestly, if she could only do $5 gift cards from a few stores, I would have been happy with just that, as it still would have been what was on my list. I feel bad, because I don’t want my mother to think I’m not grateful for what she got me. But then again, I just can’t keep putting stuff in my room, as I’m running out of space for it. So… I’m probably gonna do an eBay sale for some stuff pretty soon…

Oh yeah. Sister flew in Thursday without my knowledge (found out on the way home from work that day). Grandparents came in Friday. Grandparents left early this morning before I even got up for work, and my sister left within the past 2 hours. Played games, went and saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (very good movie action-wise; but too focused on action as opposed to the characters when compared to the 2nd & 3rd movies), ate a lot, etc. Short holiday weekend. Too short, really. Kinda wished I could have had today off and that the grandparents & sis could have stayed longer.

But anyway, that was my holiday weekend in a nutshell. Hope you all had a good one!

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