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No Christmas Cheer, Happenings of the Past 2 Weeks, Holiday Plans

December 23, 2011

Yeah, so Christmas is 2 days away, and I’m still not in the Christmas spirit. 3 months of working retail & having to listen to the same damn Christmas music everyday since November 1st has made me a Scrooge/Grinch. I’m probably not even gonna listen to my short Christmas playlist I had made. I just really HATE Christmas music right now. All I wanna do is listen to Paramore, U2 & Backstreet Boys. And that’s probably what I will do.

Back to the retail crap… this was the hardest week of work I’ve had. So many freaking demands on me. As annoying as customers were, it was other co-workers throughout the store whom I was fed up with. Constantly having to help fix everyone else’s shit and having them get upset/frurstrated with you because I can’t do it the way they want me to or as quickly as they wanted me to… ugh, I could just push all of them off a cliff honestly. They need to learn that 1) I’m a freaking human being and I can’t be everything to everyone all the damn time, and 2) to get a freakin’ life, because all of the dumb shit we deal with at work does NOT matter that much. I certainly try not to bring it home with me aside from venting about it through this blog and using it as fuel to motivate me in my job search. (It does unfortunately make me less tolerant of my family’s crap when I get home, because I don’t care to deal with crap at home when I have to deal with crap at work.)

But last week I was finally able to have a discussion with 2 of my co-workers about me looking for work elsewhere. They understood where I was coming from and told me I need to just do what’s best for me. (I can’t tell you how much I appreciated hearing that from them.) And I will be helping the one girl out with at least her resumes (like I said, she wants a better job, too). So I’m cool on that front. Applied for 3 positions this week. My Christmas wish would be to hear back from one of them and have a job interview.

Really, I have to get a new job next year. There’s no way I’ll be able to pay off my college loans (which I have to start paying off next year now that I’m working), have enough money for a car (and the gas to put in it), and move out on my own with the measly amount of money I’m making from this position. And the little raises they give every 6 months are a joke. Even with the praise I got from my supervisor today for handling the job well and being the good worker I already know that I am… I just can’t stay there, nor do I want to. I don’t want a promotion there, either. The job doesn’t make me happy and is not a good fit for me, no matter how good I become at it. I just want to get the hell away from retail (and especially this store). If I stay, I will never be able to move forward in my life in the way that I want to.

So, that’s that. My weekend/Holiday plans involve family, church, cooking/baking, opening presents and probably seeing Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. My sister & grandparents from NYC are here right now… and I’m sitting in my room blogging. Honestly though, I haven’t been getting along so well with my grandmother (my grandfather is difficult to get along with and converse with in general, so I don’t concern myself too much with that). So I’m kind of avoiding her at the moment. Pretty sure everyone thinks I’m asleep right now anyways. And I’ll keep it that way for as long as possible, as I need some peace and quiet after this hectic week.

Hmm…. think I pretty much said what I wanted to say. I’ll try and post pics of my Holiday food (and maybe also gifts) from this weekend…

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