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Been lazy with the blogging lately…

December 20, 2011

Well, that and work keeps me busy and tired. I get home and I only have time for so many things (especially when I get home late). I usually fall asleep while surfing the web. I’m sorry. I wish I could blog more than I do. Hell, I wish I could make a living right now off of my blogging. Hoping to do that one day.

I’ll probably do most of the blogging over the weekend, but I’ll try and slip some in during the week. Never did a recap for last week. Never showed you or linked to the dresses I bought from ALLOY a few weeks ago (and they came in the mail a week or 2 ago). Also didn’t show you the special Mickey Mouse beanie hat I bought from eBay.

That, and then I have 370+ draft blog posts just sitting there. Sigh. I need to sift through those and start posting/reblogging them. So much to do.

Still job searching. A new, better-paying job and getting my driver’s license are the top 2 priorities right now and for 2012. I think/feel that if both of those things get taken care of, everything else will fall into place for me (or at least be much easier to accomplish). So that’s my hope for the new year— for those 2 things to happen.

Speaking of which, I have some job searching to do tonight. Applied for a job last night. didn’t want to write down my managers’ names, but they asked for that info when I applied. I haven’t had a chance to discuss any of this with them, so I’m hoping they don’t get contacted about it before I have a chance to tell them. I’m partly afraid that if I say I’m looking for a job elsewhere, they’ll look for someone else to fill my position before I have a chance to find work. I don’t want to be without a job, as shitty as my job is. But I don’t want to settle for what I have, either. I know I can do better than this. I deserve a better job than what I have, and I will fight for it.

Alright… ending the post here. But now you know somewhat what’s up with me…

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