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heey:) my names Emily and i love your hair! since i only have 5 months left of year 11 i was thinking of dip dying my hair pink as i have dark brown hair but never really had the time to actually get up and do it, i just wanted to know how you got it like that? dont you have to bleach it first?. if you can reply that would be smashin thankyou <3

December 16, 2011

I don’t have pink hair, actually. Plus I’ve never posted a photo of myself ever on this blog or any of my other blogs or webpages.

However, I do know that you likely will have to bleach your hair (or in your case, just bleach the tips of your hair) first before dying it in order for it to come out a bright pink.

I have a Funky Pink Hair webpage that has more info about dying your hair pink. 😉 (No dip-dying tips, though. Sorry! try Googling or YouTubing stuff about dip-dying your hair…)

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