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My Mood/Dream/Inspiration Poster

December 14, 2011

My Mood/Dream/Inspiration Poster

So I was reading this blog post from Audrey Kitching about the significance of having a mood/dream/inspiration board/poster (which is sort of like a visualized version of a bucket list). It reminded me of this dream/vision board feature that I saw even before Audrey’s post. Both basically say that having a board with visuals of all your dreams, aspirations and inspirations can help you bring them to life. It’s a daily reminder & motivation of what you really want out of life. I decided to make a physical version of it, but I may try to replicate an electronic version of it with the Oprah Dream Board application (see link above).

For the poster that I made, I took Audrey’s advice about not putting anything negative on the board where text is concerned. Her example — “Instead of writing ‘I do not want to be sick anymore’, you should write ‘I will be healthy and energetic’.” So those little white strips you see with writing on them— that’s what that is.

The poster isn’t complete, as I still have more text and a few photos to add to it. But I’d say it’s 75% complete right now. I’m really trying to make changes & strides towards the life I want to live. And with 2012 being only 3 weeks away, I might as well acknowledge all the big changes I want to make for the new year (and for the rest of my life, really). I think this mood/dream/inspiration board is a good way to start.

Feel free to let this post inspire you to start your own mood/dream/inspiration board. 🙂


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  1. December 14, 2011 2:14 pm

    I had one of these in 2009, it was more of a goal based one though for the year. I suggest you keep adding to it, or updating it because after a while, it’s honestly so easy to forget about it.

    • December 14, 2011 8:23 pm

      It can be, yep. That’s why I have it hanging up on a wall (underneath my corkboard, which also has similar stuff on it) to the left of my bed. All I have to do is turn left and I see it. I sometimes look at it when I’m going to sleep. So it’s there in plain view. (I seriously love looking at it.)

      I’m thinking in 2-3 years, I’ll need to make a new mood/dream/inspiration vision poster (especially if I happen to actually do most of the stuff on my current one). It’s one of many reasons why I likened it to a visual bucket list– it needs to be updated every once in awhile so it’s current with what one wants in life.

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