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Stuff That Happened Today (11/30/11)

November 30, 2011

-Had to do something on a box/unit that no one could find but me. It was hiding in plain sight, and it even took me forever to find it. I think I yelled loud enough in frustration that the store manager heard me in his office through the adjoining wall. He later asked me if I was ok. Shaking my head (in frustration AND embarrassment)…

-Guy at work choked on chicken he was eating, but then was able to regurgitate most of it onto the floor in front of me. Glad he was ok eventually, but lost my appetite for a few hours.

-At work discussion about the cleanup behind guy choking on his chicken, then barfing (because that combined with whatever they cleaned with smelled horrible)—

Random Guy co-worker: “Why you holdin’ your nose?”

Female co-worker I work with closely: “Cause it stinks!”

Me: “It smells bad over here.”

Another co-worker: “Does it smell like alcohol?” (I believe she meant cleaning alcohol, but my response works either way)

ME: “No, but I wish it smelled like alcohol!”

Everyone else: LOL

-One more work thing. Had a conversation with a manager about one of her new recruits leaving. Happened to find out that the store was planning on training her to be part of my department in January, since someone in my section is leaving in a few weeks. This is good news even though the recruit is gone, because it means they’re at least thinking about having more backup in my department. And if I so happen to get a job elsewhere, the other girl I work with won’t be left to do everything herself. That, and the store won’t have to scramble to find 1 or 2 people for our department. I still want to have a discussion with the one girl about this, because I am actively looking, and I don’t want her to be surprised when I leave, especially if it’s to happen soon. Hell, I’ll even help her find a job elsewhere, too. She’s already said she dislikes like her position about as much as I do mine. She just happens to know a lot and handles her job pretty well, I think.

-Conversation in the car on the way home—

My youngest (19 yr. old) sister: “Awww, look at the deer! Hi deer! What’s crackin’?”

My mom: “His neck if it comes across this highway!”

My sister: “GASP!”

ME: “LOLZ! I love your humor sometimes, Mom. So dark.”

And those were the highlights of my day…

P.S. I don’t find dead animals funny. But road kill is road kill. And we have a decent amount of it where I live. Facts of life. Plus my sister should know better than to ask a deer “What’s crackin’?” She laid the groundwork for my mom’s response…

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