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Stuff That Happened Today (11/28/11)

November 28, 2011

-Had a million different people at work asking me to either fix something for them or complete their tasks. They seem to think me and my coworkers in our sector of the store can do anything and everything. We can’t.

-Stupid bitch at work wanting me to hurry up and get my stuff out of the microwave. Her exact comment (which she thought no one heard)- “Yeah, get your shit out.” I immediately turned around and just shot her a look that said “what the hell did you just say to me”? That, along with my fellow coworker commenting on it in my behalf, got an immediate “I’m just kidding” from her. No you weren’t, bitch. It’s not my fault there’s only 2 microwaves to use. Adding her to my blacklist of people at work whom are rude or that I don’t trust. I swear my workplace is becoming Asshole Central. It’s getting harder for me to want be nice to anyone…

-In light of today’s happenings at work (and the fact that I’ve been hating my job ever since I got it), I went and applied online for two government positions. Both would pay more than twice as much as my current job. I’d be back in the same building where my old government job was. I’m fine with that. Not that there aren’t rude people back at my old workplace, but they all had issues with each other, not me. Where I am now, all I have to do is stand somewhere for someone to have some damn issue with me.

-Grabbed the new version of my state’s Motor Vehicle Laws book. Need to polish up on a few things to I can retake the test to get my Temps renewed. Also found out that driving without Temps is as illegal as driving without a license. Ooops. I blame my dad for that one, since he thought the same as me but never checked it out. He’s the one who’s been pushing me to drive everywhere for practice.

My workday today doesn’t bode well for the rest of the week. Monday is supposed to set the tone… I hope it’s not gonna be bullshit all week long. God, my job depresses me so bad…

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