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Black Ankle Platform Boots & Orange Pumps

November 22, 2011


Bought both pairs of shoes from eBay. I bought the orange pumps to go with my orange leopard print wallet I blogged about previously, as well as a black dress I’ll soon be buying. (I need to find a decent orange purse to wear with all this, too.) The 7-inch high black platform ankle boots I’d been eyeing for several months and wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to afford them. Finally bought them as a treat to myself, only to have my father literally pitch a fit about me wearing them. I would give him credit, except that I’ve had a pair just like them in the past (and a whole size too big as well), and he barely said a word about those. So I don’t know why those 7-inch high boots were ok, but these shoes aren’t. Had the mom on my side, though. Plus I have the balance to walk in them. Would not have bought them otherwise. I’ll be wearing them anyways, regardless of what anyone else thinks. My work clothes are already dictated for me by uniform. I won’t have my clothing outside of work chosen for me as well.

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