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Recap of My Week – #5 (Oct. 30 – Nov. 5)

November 4, 2011
  • Got my orange pumps in the mail! The shoes match my orange leopard print wallet well. I’ll blog about them later…
  • Received an email about making money on YouTube… from YouTube. Legit. It’s on my account that has promo vids for my Squidoo webpages, but I haven’t done any new videos, and I’m not getting a whole lot more hits on the videos that are up. Signed up for ad revenue/Google AdSense account to complete it, so we’ll see if I get approved. If so, then this means there’s definitely hope for my ultimate goal of becoming a YouTube partner and making a living from it (and the added freedom of working for myself, by myself).
  • Got my black boots I ordered in the mail this week as well. I need to find something to place on the tongue inside the shoe to elevate my foot comfortably. The shoes fit fine except for that steep dip inside the shoe (almost feels like a space/gap between the heel and the ball of my foot). Uncomfortable for me, so I’m already looking online for something to fix that. I’ll post a picture of the shoes (along with my orange heels/pumps) as soon as my laptop is up and running.
  • Ordered both my operating system & hard drive online. If you read my last blog post, you know the deal. Sooooo eager to get back on my own laptop so I can be online for as long as I want and have time to do everything I want and need to do.
  • Spoke with a knowledgable co-worker about good laptop alternatives to the Macbook Pro. She hates Apple because they make their consumers think they have the best stuff when (she believes) they mostly don’t. Plus, she says they aren’t developer friendly (i.e. Tumblr being stupid with the Missing e developer— like that). I can understand where she’s coming from, though I’m not hating on Apple just yet. My iPod is still great 3 years later, compared to the 3 Zunes I went through within a month. Pathetic. So… I’ll always love the iPod if nothing else. But anyway, she said the HP Pavilion and Sony Vio were the best bets. I’ll be researching them and comparing them with the Macbook Pro. Keeping my options open…

And that’s it for now. Nothing else interesting to tell about my life this week. Hoping that will change in the future…

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