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Short Update On My Internet Access…

November 3, 2011

I posted on Sunday that my laptop’s hard drive crashed and that I wouldn’t be online a lot (or at all) for the next week to 2 weeks. NO change on that for now. I’m planning on buying the hard drive this weekend from a local computer and electronics store. I still need an operating system for it since what I had on my laptop was an upgrade, and the CD for the full version OS I had on it is nowhere to be found. I did buy an operating system online tonight, but I have no idea how quickly it will be shipped to me. So it really depends on that. Then I’ll have my tech mom set it up for me and I’ll be good to go. I have soooo many TV shows I’m behind on, though. Sucks. Also can’t do much job searching online, nor anything that would make me money online (Squidoo and such). I’ve gotten on my mom’s computer every evening when I get home from work, but I’ve spent most of the time this week looking for hard drives and operating systems, so there wasn’t much time for Tumblr or any other blogs. But anyway… that’s what’s been up, and that’s my plan. No regular blogging until then. I do have a “Recap of the Week” post set up for this weekend, but that’s it. I’ll post it if I can get online this weekend.

Fingers crossed I get all my laptop stuff together by next Wednesday (I’m hoping)…

P.S. Damn. I have to re-download Missing e onto my laptop as well. I hate Tumblr without it…

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