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Short Recap of My Week – #4 (Oct. 23-29, 2011)

October 29, 2011

So nothing really started happening until Wednesday afternoon. Not a whole lot to tell here (in my opinion, anyway), but I’ll still blog about it:

  • Got picked up early from work Monday. I normally have to wait a good 2 1/2 hours after my shift ends for my ride to pick me up. Monday I did not. Sometimes also happens Tuesday, and always happens Thursdays. This week, I only had to stay late Thursday. Every other day I left within half an hour of the end of my shift. Really nice, because I was actually able to come home and get a few things done before unintentionally falling asleep. I can’t stay awake anymore once I get under my covers. I’m so tired during the week.
  • Broke/cracked a (plastic) cabinet at work. I was trying to get the lock on it open, and I even had the right combination, but I forgot to start at 0. (Hey, I haven’t messed with that type of lock for about a decade.) So I figured I just wasn’t pulling hard enough to open it. Pulled too hard and broke/cracked a piece of the cabinet right where the lock is supposed to go. Remember that co-worker whom I got into an argument a week or so ago? She’s the one who has everyone else lock stuff up in the cabinet so our tools are there for us to use and other employees can’t just come in and take them. Except that they can, since the cabinet is plastic and is now broken, plus it comes apart easily. So if someone really wanted our tools, they could take them. But I didn’t know that when I broke it. I thought she would have a fit about it (I can’t gauge what she will or won’t get upset about anymore), so I wrote a note apologizing for breaking/cracking the cabinet. When I saw her later, she said the note made her chuckle, she was happy I wrote it, but that it wasn’t a big deal that I cracked it. So World War 3 wasn’t in the cards anyway for that day. Thank goodness…
  • Applied online for 4 jobs. All clerical. I’ve decided that’s all I want right now. An office job. I’ve considered working at a few other retail places, and the only other retail place I would definitely work at full-time would be Bath & Body Works (I just like the vibe there, but also I think I’d do a really good job of selling their products, which I think actually kind of sell themselves). There are stores like Victoria’s Secret & Hot Topic, both of which I love, but they don’t usually have a lot of full-time positions available, only part-time. Also, I think my paycheck would end up right back into their store. And seeing that both of those stores are at the mall near where I live, I’d likely end up just shopping often at other stores throughout the mall and either end up with buyer’s envy or never saving money up for anything. I also don’t need a college degree to get a retail job. I want a job that requires my degree, because it means I didn’t waste money on it. Plenty of clerical jobs require degrees beyond high school, and in hindsight my clerical job with the government was the best job I ever had. Not to mention, it paid the best (in general, clerical jobs do pay better than retail jobs). So I want another job like it. I’ll try and apply for more clerical jobs this weekend.
  • Finally did some more clothing & accessories shopping on Friday. Bought some shoes online, which I will take pictures of next week once they come in the mail. Also went to Victoria’s Secret and got a bra fitting done. Turns out I was wearing the wrong bra size, which is what I suspected. The band size was too large, but the cup size was too small. I can’t believe I’m a cup size bigger than what I thought. My breasts don’t seem that big to me! Oh well…

And that’s it for this week. I’m planning on doing some cooking & ice cream making this weekend, and next weekend I’ll be shopping again.

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