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Who inspires you?

October 23, 2011

The people who inspire me do things that I already aspire to do, as well as being incredibly creative in everything they do. So, having said that, here’s my current list of people that inspire me:

  • My only God-sister who is older than me (she lived in Hawaii for a year, went skydiving, has a nose stud, loves to cook, and is just an all-around positive, nice person)
  • Audrey Kitching (she has creativity coming out the wazoo, I kid you not. Check out this link for more about her- )
  • Jac Vanek (started her own clothing & accessories line before she graduated college [and still manages it herself], has gone bungee jumping, is a book-nerd, and has red hair [even though I believe she is a natural blonde]; visit to learn more about her)
  • Anyone with awesome, long hair that is pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, multi-colored or even just jet black hair.
  • People with nose rings. As in hoops, not studs. I only like my god-sister’s nose stud, otherwise I think they’re too trendy. Plus, the hoops just look better. One day I’d like to get a nose ring/hoop.
  • People (mainly women) with small, simple tattoos in discreet places on their bodies (but not too discreet). All the tattoos I want so far are fairly small, and I want them in places like my ankle, the underside of my left arm, and my left pointer finger. All are places not readily visible at first, so the tattoos won’t be noticed at first, but will be seen eventually. I don’t want people to see my tattoos before they see ME.
  • People who do a lot of cooking– mainly vegan cooking– and blog about it. I already do this, but I’m always trying to try new vegan recipes. So I’m glad when I can find new recipes to try, because it means I have new foods to try/eat!

And that’s who inspires me… 🙂

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