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Again, Charla Vail – NOT Hayley Williams – Wearing A “Paramore Is A Band” T-Shirt

October 20, 2011


It seems like an appropriate time to whip out some photos from Halloween hahahaha. Pst, Hayley. After your Orlando show Blake and I were hanging with @fueledbyadam and we were joking about me going to South America with you guys and being your double. You could be like Damian from Mean Girls and wear a hoodie and sun glasses and yell “Hey look there’s Hayley!” and point to a red head me with gaga glasses. Hahahaha it was a fun conversation. And then we started talking about Nate’s music always referencing dogs. “Walking the Dog Problems” -Adam. Enjoyed watching you from the Opera box, wish your eyes would have wandered up there, I would have done a goofy dance for you or something.
Edit: I forgot to mention that I walked into John Janick’s office while I was in New York last month and he says, “oh yeah, you’re the look alike” hahahaha.

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