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So I hit my shit capacity limit/threshold today…

October 19, 2011

Today was one of those days where I actually didn’t give a shit about anything. I normally care about everything (like I said in this post). Today, I just couldn’t be bothered. There was a certain task I was supposed to start today, which I did, and I had every intention of completing it. But it was literally impossible to complete all in one day, and would have taken up my whole work day. And every time I tried to discuss it with someone to find a better or more practical way to do it, there answer was basically that they didn’t know and I’d have to figure it out for myself today. So I did part of the task but said “eff it” to the rest of it. That task will have to be done in parts. No probable way I’d be able to complete it and all my other tasks in one day. Glad I got that figured out so I won’t waste that much time on it again (unless I literally have nothing else to do).

My “I don’t give a shit” attitude also spilled into a few other tasks today. I was trying to check off items on a particular list, and when I couldn’t find the item, I didn’t go all over creation looking for it. I just wrote down my explanation for it and moved on. Whatever.

Praying for the day when I have a job where I’m actually excited to go to work instead of dreading it and being depressed by it…

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