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Short Recap of My Week – #2 (Oct. 9-15, 2011)

October 15, 2011

Stuff that happened this week:

  • Tuesday I got stuck at work later than I wanted to be because of a fatal tractor-trailer/truck accident the night before. The driver died (going too fast on a turn) and chemicals were spilled all over a major part of this local highway. So they had to close it off from several different ramps. It messed up traffic everywhere else and was the main story on our local news. I’m sorry he died, but I was still agitated as heck having to wait 2 1/2 hours for my ride to arrive…
  • Wednesday morning I got in an argument with a coworker over something rude they said about me. I won’t rehash it in this post, I’ll just link to my post about it here.
  • Thursday morning, two things happened- 1] My rude coworker apologized again, but this time sincerely. Also offered help (I know, it’s crazy, lol) because 2] I was the only one of my team members in my section that day. The other two called off. So… it was fine except when I kept getting calls to fix stuff that I don’t yet know how to fix on my own. I just had my manager take care of it instead, lol. Thank GOD my manager was there that day for all that.
  • Thursday after work— went shopping and bought $45 worth of groceries & makeup but only paid $25 thanks to a special $20 coupon courtesy of the store’s pharmacy (I filled a necessary prescription). LOVED that. I’ll blog in the next post about the makeup I bought…
  • Friday— bought all my other groceries I needed/wanted. Plus… it’s Friday. The weekend’s arrival means 2 days of rest & leisure for me.

That is all. Glad the week is over, but hating that I have to do it all over again starting Monday morning… 😦

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