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More Nonsense At Work, Job Search Timeline Moved Up

October 12, 2011

So, as if dealing with one a-hole at work wasn’t enough, now instead of a manager it’s a coworker. Granted, she’s only there for 90 minutes of my shift, because hers starts in the early morning hours (1 or 2am). But still

Anyways, she asked me if I had something, and I answered, thinking she meant one thing when she meant another. Mind you, it wasn’t even 8 AM yet, so even if she’d been up for 8 hours or so, I hadn’t. Still early in the morning for me, regardless of the fact that I’m working. My brain is still warming up.

I have really good hearing, and even though she was a good 10-20 feet away from me in another room, I managed to hear her say “Christ, is she that stupid?” Now, back in the day, I would have ignored it. But since I’m going to have to work with this evil idiot, I called her on her shit, just like I did with the manager. Initially, she said she didn’t care, I should have answered the question. If she wasn’t effing deaf, she would have heard my answer. Anyways, we had our words, and I eventually just walked away to complete some work.

I came back to our office to get something, and there she actually apologized. I asked if she meant it (yeah, even I’ll admit I probably should have just accepted the apology then, though I’d never admit it to her.) She got more offended by that comment than she should have been, and we started arguing again. But considering everything her daughter said (who is one of my nice coworkers— yep, mom & daughter working in the same space), I had a right to ask it. She had nothing nice to say about her mom, who often talks behind people’s back, including her own daughter. So even though she apologized, I don’t consider it a genuine apology. She’ll no doubt talk about me behind my back again. She’s just sorry she got caught doing it this time. I’m sure she’ll be evil again to me when I go in tomorrow morning, adding to my dread of going to work. (Why the hell can’t I just have all nice people to work with? I’m starting to wish I was just working produce again instead of the section I work in now.)

Anyway, between her & the manager, and the fact that I hate my job anyway, I’ve decided to start looking for new jobs in general now. It would be one thing if I only hated my job. But to deal with coworkers’s bitching at me on top of it… that work environment is draining the spirit & hope out of me. So even though I’ve only worked a month, I’m gonna just have to start applying for jobs again. But only jobs that pay at least $9-$10 per hour, and I’d prefer clerical positions. NO RETAIL JOBS. I simply cannot wait to get out of and away from my current workplace. It’s only a paycheck, and I deserve (and am qualified for) a job that is more than just a paycheck.

Perhaps I’m expecting too much too soon, but I’d really like to have a new & better job by the end of this year. That’s my goal. I’ll have to do my interviews after work late in the afternoon, but hopefully that won’t be an issue for every single place of business I apply with.

Anyway, I’m off to do some job searching tonight. Fingers crossed that I can find something that pays better and is better than my current job. Then I can stop blogging about how much I hate my job and finally start blogging more about happy, interesting stuff (like getting those tattoos & piercings I’ve been wanting for awhile, or planning a vacation, etc).

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