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October 7, 2011

Really Colorful MacBook Pros & Laptop Covers…

Continuing on the topic of Apple products… apparently there is a website—— that you can order MacBook Pros from in different colors. They paint it whatever color you want (you can pick from their choices) and then send it to you. (NOTE: They aren’t pictured above. Those are just random photos of potential colors I’d want for my laptop or cover/case to be.) Only problem with this is that it likely voids whatever Apple warranty there is for the Pro. So if something goes wrong with the hardware or it gets damaged otherwise, your color laptop is screwed. So if/when I get my MacBook Pro, I’d likely just get a few different covers for it so it could be both colorful AND warranty protected.

It would be nice if Apple started doing something like Colorware is doing, but go even beyond that. I’d love to be able to design the outside of my laptop with my own creations, and have it on the actual laptop whenever I bought it. For now, the closest anyone can get with that is either buying a cover and drawing on it or designing their own laptop skins.

But whatever. I don’t have to worry about any of this until I have about $2400— $2900 for the MacBook Pro and the warranty/insurance for it. And that won’t be for quite awhile… 😦

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