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October 1, 2011

“I’m Blogging This” Necklace

Sold out & discontinued. It used to be available on Etsy. I really wanted that necklace, just didn’t have the money for it. 😦 It came in different colors, too. Contacted the original maker of this necklace because they said they could make things by special order. I’m not sure if they’ll start selling the design again or not. If so, I’ll edit this post with a link to the product (but only after I buy it first, because I don’t want it to sell out before I can buy it).

EDIT: This is the Etsy store of the original designer for this necklace- Cupcakes & Mace. And this is their Cupcakes & Mace blog where I believe I contacted them.

2nd EDIT: Ah, and here’s her blog post about the necklace back in 2009 (this is where I left the initial comment asking her if she could make these necklaces again)- Happy Birthday Cupcakes and Mace

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