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September 30, 2011

Sunglasses, Beanies and… Snooki Slippers?

So, last week I bought a few accessories I needed for awhile but couldn’t buy.

The beanie hats I saw at Target. I tried one on, saw that they were about $4 per hat, and decided to buy them in all the colors I like and wear. I actually bought 3 of the black beanies because I have two black peacoats & one dark blue that the regular blue beanie wouldn’t quite match with (hence just wearing a black beanie with it). I alternate between coats during the winter, and I wanted a matching hat for each coat. I stuck the hats in all my coat pockets so I’ll have a matching hat when I need it, no matter what coat I’m wearing.

The sunglasses (also from Target) are perfect for me. I always buy sunglasses like this because it’s all one lens rather than the regular sunglasses with two separate lenses, which I almost always end up popping a lens out of. Also, you’ll notice how the ends of the sunglasses are bent. I bent them so they’d wrap well around my ears and not fall or slide off my face. They do this with prescription glasses by heating the folding ends and then bending them. My ends on my sunglasses are so plastic and bendable, though, that I can bend them without needing to heat them up. I tried bending my last pair and they broke on me. So these are better for that.

Also, I need sunglasses not just for outdoors, but indoors. I’ve somehow developed some light sensitivity to unnatural light (particularly fluorescent lighting), which can cause a headache for me or worsen an already-occurring headache. And so I’ll sometimes wear sunglasses indoors. Can’t wear them at work though, which sucks because there’s nothing but fluorescent lighting all over that damn store. I can only wear prescription sunglasses at work after getting a doctor’s note for them. Meanwhile, I have to just deal with the headaches I sometimes get after work. Another reason for me to hate my job, but anyway…

Now to the Snooki Slippers. I’m not a Jersey Shore fan at all (I hate the show and all it stands for), but when Snooki was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, she wore these slippers, and I’m a sucker for this particular leopard print pattern. (Yes, not all leopard print is the same. Google it and see for yourself.) Plus, I needed slippers anyway, since my old ones had holes in them. Soooo… I bought a pair. They fit fine, are nice and warm, and they won’t slide of my feet when I walk around. They arrived at my door within a week of my order. (If you click on that link, you’ll end up on a page where you can buy yourself the same pair if you like.) 

And, that’s basically what I bought. Cute, eh? I’ll try and post photos of all my non-grocery buys when I can…

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