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Short-Term Future Plans, Weather, Weekend Plans & Old Friends

September 30, 2011

So, between that incident and my already not liking my job & being asked directly about that (and knowing my answer was a blatant NO but circumventing the question), I’m actually going to start looking for a new job now. I’m going to start looking for clerical work in the government sector again. I would actually like to get a job at my old workplace, but they don’t seem to be hiring much right now. That, and they didn’t try to keep me on as an employee in the first place once I graduated from college. So I’m resentful of them for that. But the job I had there was better— and paid better— than my current job. And unlike other places of business, I don’t think people have to interview for most of the jobs there (at least not the non-managerial positions). I didn’t interview for my student clerk position. More importantly though, it seems to be that once you’ve held a government position, even when you leave, it’s easier for you to get one again in the future. And right now, it might be easier for me to get than other clerical positions, so I’m going that route. I’ll revamp my resume and start a new job search this weekend.

Sigh again. Saturday will be October 1st, and I don’t like it. You know how most people consider Memorial Day the beginning of summer? Well, I consider October the beginning of fall. I hate how cool it gets outside, and I hate seeing the leaves fall off of trees. It all just means winter is coming, and so I hate this time of year. It’s when I start getting depressed by the weather (shorter days, colder weather & all plant life dying makes me moody & bitchy). This is how I know that though I’ve never been officially diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, I’m quite sure that I have it. It’s part of the reason I want to move to Florida so badly… warm weather all year round!

Speaking of Florida, my sister that lives in NYC and has the big-money-making nursing job is going there for the weekend for a friend’s wedding. And she’s freaking going to my favorite part— the Tampa-Clearwater-St. Petersburg area— and hanging out with my close friend that I haven’t visited in 4 years. Granted, I haven’t spoken much to this friend of mine because she gave me some grief about my unemployment, not understanding the situation. She apologized, but… we just aren’t in the same place anymore. Haven’t really been since even before I was unemployed. That on top of my unemployment & current crappy job— I just can’t really relate to her much. She married with kids & a good husband, employed, living in Florida. And I’m in Ohio, with a crap job, still living with my parents and single (which is fine, because I know I don’t need to be dating or have a boyfriend; it’s just sometimes, I want to date and maybe have a boyfriend). I know her life isn’t a walk in the park, but she’s just got a different life. Our struggles & issues are quite different now from one another. And I never have anything positive to talk to her about. So… I love her, but I just can’t relate to her, which makes it harder to communicate with her, because she just doesn’t get it when I discuss certain things. Other friends do. Don’t know what to do about that. I hope we’ll be really close again in the future like we were when we were younger…

Well, I’m gonna window shop online, stream some shows online or watch YouTube vids & snack a bit before I go to bed. At some point this weekend I’ll try to post photos of some other stuff I bought for myself recently (aside from the Magic Bullet Trio). Hope you guys have a good weekend…

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