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Recap of My Week

September 30, 2011

Bad stuff that happened this week (all of it fricking work-related, so that should tell you something):

  • My ride forgot to pick me up early from work on Tuesday. Was stuck at work for 2 1/2 hours extra until I got picked up by someone else. Hate being stuck in my work building when I’m not on the clock. Big reason for me to get my driver’s license…
  • Got into an argument with a manager from another section. It’s not even important to discuss what it was about. I was basically helping him with something, asked him to meet me somewhere when he apparently didn’t want to walk to where I was (after I went to where he was supposed to be and he wasn’t there), so he overreacted. Though I was visibly upset by this dumbass, I do believe I managed to be stern and stand my ground while still being respectful. Unlike this other manager, who gives and has been giving my other coworkers shit. Told him if he wanted to get the higher-ups involved he could, because he does this with my other co-workers, and I was not going to have him continuously treat me the same way. BOTH of MY managers (yep, I have two) showed up and I explained the situation to them, visibly upset. (Even when I’m trying to keep my cool, if I’m really upset by someone or something, my voice wavers & my eyes tear up, so it looks like I’m about to cry even though I’m not.) I think it bothered everyone except for the dumbass manager. No idea if this idiot manager will be reprimanded in a way that will make it so he won’t bother me or my co-workers again, as he’s been bothering them for a while, long before I got there. It’s always over the same thing, and he’s just got an abrasive-ass attitude that no one wants to deal with. But hopefully my managers don’t think I’m weak or a nutcase for reacting the way I did. I’m not in trouble (they said so), so I think I did the right thing. Now this dumbass knows he can’t steamroll over me, because I won’t be as tolerant of it as my coworkers are (when they really shouldn’t be either, but I understand they have a lot of other crap to deal with at work, and they unfortunately feel like they’re unheard).
  • Was late for work today because of a car accident, as well as my dad leaving the house way too late. I already hate weekday mornings, and anything that makes me late for work just makes me moodier.
  • Lady at work (don’t even know if it was an employee or customer) got an attitude with me because I was scanning items in the floral department but didn’t immediately help a customer out. I assumed someone in floral would come over, seeing as I don’t know how to wrap flowers or work the helium tank for the balloons. And I was pretty sure this customer who needed assistance wanted one of the two, and I didn’t want to mess it up for hi, so I was waiting for the floral employee to show up but they never did. I wrapped the man’s flowers as best as I could. People just assume that store employees know where everything is, know how to do everything and/or know exactly who to call about something when they don’t know. Not always true, especially for new employees like myself. Still only been there about a month now.

Good stuff that happened this week:

  • Thought my 120 GB iPod Classic was broken today. Went to Best Buy to see if they could fix it or replace it for me. Geek Squad guy simply switched the lock button at the top of it to off/unlocked. I forgot that button was there and accidentally switched it to the locked position, lol. I just laughed, while my mom was looking at me like I had issues. Good news is, it’s NOT broken (so I won’t have to shell out another $250 for one), I just forgot about that lock/unlock button at the top. Fail on me. Win for Apple (this iPod will probably work for several more years).
  • Went to the wig shop today. I should clarify— the wig shop was this place I went to buy my red wigs when I was employed. I quit going in 2009 because I became unemployed, and hadn’t been back until today. This lovely Asian couple runs it & own it as well. I wasn’t sure they’d still be there in this economy, but they’re still there. Considering that this shop is located in the ghetto, I do believe most of their clientele is black women, and most black women (not all, but most) will let everything else go before they let their hair go. So they were probably still buying wigs at that shop. Long story short, I used to buy a specific red wig about once a month when I went in, but they apparently don’t make this wig in that color anymore. However, this couple went and bought all the rest of those wigs that were left and saved them for me in the store! They’ve been sitting there for 2 years! They freaking kept them for me. Too sweet, especially since for all they knew I wasn’t coming back. But I did today, and picked out another fresh red wig to buy in 3 weeks. I think I might bring them some sort of special thank you card for that.

And that’s it. Nothing else happened. Glad for the weekend, like always. Probably attending a wedding tomorrow for two reasons: 1) I can dress up and be pretty, unlike when I’m at work and have to wear that frumpy-ass uniform, and 2) I can maybe do some job networking with some people and try to get a better job. I was going to wait, but if I can get better job somewhere else now, there’s no reason to just sit & settle into a job I really dislike. I’ll for sure apply at places where people I know work, as well as government positions. (More on the government positions in the next blog post.)

One more original blog post, maybe a few reblogs, and then off I go to relax for the rest of the evening…

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