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September 26, 2011

Bullet Express Trio (My First BIG Buy in a LONG Time)…

Bought it this past weekend because it had a DAMN good sale on it (was less than $60; this machine normally costs anywhere from $90-$120). I had wanted this for almost 2 years, ever since I saw that godawful infomercial for it. (NOTE: This links to the SHORT version of it.) I don’t know why they decided to use such bad writing & acting for a product that seems pretty good.

I see that there’s several negative reviews for it on Amazon, though most of the reviews are from 2010. So hopefully they’ve improved the product & their customer service enough that if I should have an issue with this machine, it’s not going to be a hassle. My mom has one and hasn’t had any problems with it, so I plan on doing whatever she’s doing with her machine. She clearly knows how to take care of it. Plus, I have insurance on it through the store I bought it from (which is where I work as well- employee discount for the win!) in addition to filling out the warranty registration form through the official Magic Bullet website. So I should be covered.

Didn’t have time to make anything yummy with it this weekend, but I will either next weekend or the weekend after that. I’ll try & post pics of whatever I make with it. It comes with a recipe book (plus there’s the extra one that my mom has that apparently isn’t available anywhere online), so I already have some ideas about what I’d like to make. 🙂

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